One of the leading complimentary alternative medicine practices in Malaysia

AcuHealing is an alternative therapy centre that emphasises on helping people to live pain free. It is a one-stop alternative medical centre that employs acupuncture, physiotherapy, bone setting, tuina sports massage, rehabilitation, nutrition therapy and cupping to improve a person’s health and live pain free. It has always been AcuHealing’s vision to offer HIGH-STANDARD complementary medicine to people from all walks of life.

AcuHealing is founded by Master FJ and is led by licensed female physiotherapists and physicians. AcuHealing is unique because it deploys a drug-free holistic approach, suitable for all ages, to improve a person’s lifestyle.

AcuHealing is located in major cities in Malaysia. As for now, AcuHealing already have 8 branches in Malaysia, and making inroads into Singapore and Indonesia.


#1 Acupuncture, Physio, Cupping, Bone Setting, Rehabilitation Centre in Malaysia !

Why Choose Us

AcuHealing is unique in its approach to alternative (complimentary) treatment because we adopt many alternative modalities under one roof.

Our philosophy follows “drug-free” and “product-subscription-free” approaches. Best of all, we ensure that our pricing policy is reasonable and affordable. AcuHealing team consists of fully qualified female-only physiotherapists and Muslimah-friendly environment.

We also take pride for answering all our patients’ questions, before and after a therapy, via our 24/7 whatsapp hotline 012-9980028.

What Services We Offer

Different symptoms or illnesses require different care, as there is no one-size that fits all! With a wide range of treatment modalities, the followings are the symptoms that we can attend to:

Scoliosis and bell palsy treatment in Malaysia


Increase blood circulation
Relieve Numbness
Improve muscle
Improve range of motion
Relieve Tightness
Boost Energy